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Mukupa Original Clothing is a unique African Scandinavian brand. Passionate about doing business in an ethical and responsible way. This means we by large source fabrics from african suppliers and ensure that the tailors are rewarded in a fair and honest way.

We are inspired by the african strength and spirit -a fresh perspective on style - modern and simple shapes authentic to scandinavia but unique to Africa, where heritage in prints and colours are incorporated into urban and global look.

Washing instructions

Simply place your item in your washing machine, with similar colors,never exceeding 40(degrees) and hang to dry. I would recommend washing by hand the first time but honestly I seldom do and haven’t had any disasters yet

Meet the tailors

Kevin Kweku



I met Kweku through Abena, who I met the first time I traveled to Ghana. I was there with my little family visiting as a tourist taking in the sites. My friend Michael in Denmark had given me his cousins phone number who lived in Cape Coast, a must to visit when in Ghana! She happened to be a tailor and I told her about my dreams and hopes of trying to make a small clothing line. two years later I called her and said I had this coat in mind if she could try and make a prototype maybe we could do something about it, as I had started my clothing line. The coat came back and it was done just perfect, at the same time she said she hadn’t sown it but had given it to her old friend Kweku to do instead. She said she was getting married and taking break form sowing and therefor didn’t feel confident in making the order. I appreciated her honesty  and placed an order for 12 jackets and put her in care of helping me find wax. She is now happily married and my extended right hand in and outside Ghana.

Kweku has a small workshop where he has 2 apprintences He has been a tailor for 25 years or as he says his whole life, as he comes from a family of tailors. He sister was one too which was rare for me to see, as I have predominately seen male tailors on my travles in various african countries.

His main source of income is local costumers who place orders for school uniforms and big celebrations such as  weddings and funerals. I have place an order with him 2 twice.  He produces my classic cotton coats, Windbreak/ponchos and raincoats

Benjamin Arthur wilson


Accra, Ghana

I was recommend to him through my friend  Ghananian friend Happy, who I know here from Denmark. 
Benjamin lives in Naswam outside Accra 30 mins with no traffic and 2 hours with
He dreams of building his workshop from a small school of 5 apprentices, into a school of children starting from primary till secondary,  putting the emphasis on craft and skills in their secondary years. 
Has been a tailors for 14 years and I was impressed by his work.

His main source of income is local costumers who place orders for school uniforms and big celebrations such as  weddings and funerals, baptisms and birthday parties. most of his finances go towards building the schooI, so his dream has already begun. I have placed an order with him 2 twice.  He produces my jumpsuits, shorts and shirts and trousers



Dakar, Senegal

The first tailor I worked with, who was introduced to me by Ida Dakar. I asked him to make a Chinese jacket and he made it with such attention to detail, that I knew I just had to work with him.

He lives in Dakar earning money to support his family who lives in XXX about 7 hours from Dakar.

He once dreamt of going to Europe to start a living there. His dreams of a better life took him all the way to Algeria. Tailoring on his way to support his travels, earning money for his next destination and taking a route that most migrates had done before him with success. 

Before reaching the coast of Algeria, he was kidnapped. The kidnappers wanted a ransom that his family could not pay but somehow, he managed to befriend the kidnappers who released him after a month. His dream of migrating to Europe ended there and today he is in totally peace with it, dreaming of a better future for his 3 kids in Senegal.

He produces my quilted kimonos, reversible jackets, bomber jackets, hoodies, and trousers.



Dakar, Senegal

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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Dar es salaam

shares a workshop with 3 others





Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

shares a workshop with one other





Kemi Kalikawe 


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Lives in Dar es salaam and the founder of Naledi Fashion House in Tanzania. Naledi has played a pivotal role in growing Tanzania’s fashion industry and has worked with several organizations 

- shorts

- Jumpsuits




Lusaka, Zambia





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